Soul Work

Soul Work [noun]: Work intended to stir up your inner thoughts, feelings, perspectives and memories. Work that reveals your inner workings by showing you, in written word, what is written on your soul. These are your inner workings. This is your inner landscape. Let’s find out what’s going on inside of that tremendous soul.


SOUL WORK: Well being

Identify what in your life needs to shatter or fall away from you by first identifying your light and your shadow. This exercise asks of you to think about when you are happiest and most thriving (your light) to when you are low and feeling your darkest (your shadow).



Identify how you want to show up for 2019. In this exercise, we look at what you NEED, how you want to FEED yourself, what you want to learn more about (READ) and what would PLEASE you in the upcoming year. Dream big! Be unafraid! And move forward in a way that makes you smile.


SOUL WORK: Fear or intuition?

Fear and intuition are both experienced as a gut feeling. It can be difficult to decipher a gut feeling which can leave you feeling anxious. In this exercise, we look at the differences between fear and intuition and figure out how to “listen” for signs that what your experiencing is either fear or intuition.