Sheena Jeffers

Sheena, the Founder of WELL, is a certified Wellness Life Coach and Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). For fun, she is a classically-trained dancer and obsessed with reading good books. Sheena uses powerful questions to help you work through personal agendas focused on bettering your mental, physical or emotional health.


  • BA in English, BS in Mass Communications and MSEd in Education

  • Certification for Wellness Life Coaching

  • Certification for Yoga

Coaching Focus: Healing Past Traumas, Life Balance, Life Clarity, Mindset Shift, Core Values

Sheena is your coach if you are…

  • Feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed

  • Unsure of what’s next for you

  • Experiencing high anxiety, tension or irritability

  • Repeating unhealthy behaviors or patterns

  • Self-sabotaging your health, dreams or career